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*Updated: July 5, 2013* *Subject to Change*

This is your go-to page to see whether or not you should contact me about reviewing something. I'll review books, iOS games, PC games on Steam, and more.

Book Review Requests:

Requests are open! Please make sure you're able to give me some time in advance though, and of course, now that I'm settled in in Japan, eBooks are going to be the most convenient format. If you still want to send me a hard copy, I'll accept it, but it's definitely easier to just send me a file.

On Genre:

I'm cool with young adult (and, you know, regular adult), fantasy, science fiction, memoirs and more, so it's hard for me to give you a super strict genre list. What I will say is that if your book is horror or romance, I probably won't be into it. Although I read Doxology by Brian Holers for review, I'm also not really into Christian literature. To clarify, I have no problems with religious text or books on myth and whatnot, and I don't take issue with books with religious protagonists (like the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris). Actually, books that play on myth (like American Gods by Neil Gaiman) are rather fun and I enjoy them.

Before you send a query:

Please check out my book review backlog and get an idea for how I look at things (and have an idea of what I've been reading). I generally will keep my reviews positive and I look for the silver lining in everything. If there's something I don't like about the context of the book, I will mention it and tell the reader why I didn't like it, though. If I don't end up enjoying your book, I will explain what I didn't like about it. (i.e. I always go through the trouble of explaining why I personally take issue with anything, to better serve prospective readers of your book who may or may not share my opinions.)

I'm alright with indie books if the premise is interesting. Again, I don't have strict genre guidelines -- I just want to read something interesting. Convince me that I want to read your book.


I own a Kindle, so if you're doing the eBook thing for review copy distribution, please try and get it to me in .mobi format. If you absolutely can't get a Kindle format eBook to me, I'll take a .pdf. I'm also fine with hard copies, and with author permission I'll probably give it away to a reader!

Extra Notes:

I love chatting with and interviewing people. When you send me a book review request, also state whether you'd be willing to answer a few questions from me. I'll include it in a separate post from the book review itself.

If your book is part of a series and isn't the first title, make sure I've read the stuff that's already available. If  I haven't, I ask that you provide the titles that came before the most recent one, and rest assured I will probably write about all of them on my blog.

Include a picture of the book cover in full colors (unless it's in black-and-white, of course).

Gaming and otherwise:

Want me to review a game? My favorite kind of PC games are puzzle/adventure and RPGs. Stuff like Final Fantasy series, Monkey Island series, Limbo (reviewed), Trine (reviewed), Mario Bros. series and Zelda Series (see my review of Skyward Sword) are the model after which you can decide whether your game is right for me. Besides these, I enjoy stuff like Dead Space and Left4Dead2, so go figure.

As with the book review guidelines, I'll also state here that I don't really have any strict genre guidelines for the kind of games I'll play. Convince me I should play your game. My Steam ID is Chiiana and for iOS gaming, see my UDID below. I also play on PS3 and 3DS, though region-locking might be an issue for the latter since I'm currently in Japan.

My UDID (iPad2): 7123f569f550a0a6a28e6c5d4f3f5fc82f20a0cc

Extra Notes for Everyone:

Depending on the flow of review requests I receive, I may or may not add a calendar to my sidebar so everyone (readers, authors) know what's coming up.

I do not ask for nor accept monetary compensation for reviews, positive or otherwise. I'll gladly accept the review copy, and maybe even an additional copy or two to give away, and other promotional materials, but I will not accept any kind of bribery or compensation. Most of the books, games and otherwise reviewed on GeekeryDo are purchased by myself for my own enjoyment. At the bottom of each of my reviews, if applicable I'll point readers via my affiliate links to Amazon and Books-A-Million.

Ready to make your request? Here's the contact form:

(please make sure you've read my guidelines before submitting your query!)

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